Phuket alpha Alpha Annviversary

Phuket Alpha Engineering has established since 1990. The main purpose of our company is making electronic systems for building include hotels and all area in Phuket. Later then we add audio systems making business. In the year 1996, new business was established and we still working on it until now that is Computer and Pro Graphic Business.

Audio Product
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GUITAR RIG MOBILE is the go-anywhere solution for guitar abd bass. Combining a pocket-sized high-quality audio interface with GUITAR RIG 4 ESSENTIAL amp modeling software, this incredible package lets you play and record anytime, with the tones you need.

GUITAR RIG MOBILE brings together an ultra-portable bus-powered 24-bit/192 KHz audio interface with the powerful selection of amps, cabinets and effects from the GUITAR RIG 4 ESSENTIAL software. The result: perfect custom tone anytime and anywhere you want.



The G-Track features a large, 19mm, ultra thin diaphragm capsule with a high-quality, on-board analog-to-digital converter and USB output.

Plus, the G-Track features a built-in audio interface with headphone output allowing the connection of an electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drum machine, MP3 player or just about any other signal source.

The G- Track’s input selector switch also provides the choice between mic/instrument input, so a user can record electric guitar and vocals in one take, or record left and right signals from stereo devices with the stereo line input.

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